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Industrial steel storage racks are designed to store palletized, containerized or large unit loads placed in the rack by material handling equipment.†

Damaged elements can lead to racking collapse if the damage is not identified and fixed in a timely manner.†

CSTM can provide inspection services and training of maintenance personnel to complete these inspections in conformance with CSA user guide (A344.1) and standard (A344.2).

Industrial Storage Racks


HRM Bridge Inspection Program

Bill conducted a study for Halifax Regional Municipalityís (HRM) Design and Construction Services (DCS) division on current practices used by transportation authorities in Ontario, Alberta and by the Federal† Highway Authority, in the US, on bridge inspection protocol.†† This study was required as part of HRMís development of a Bridge Management System (BMS).†† The study provided recommendations on inspection frequency, inspector qualifications, inspection levels, and associated documentation.